Storage Wars

A&E: New Episodes in October
Storage Wars A&E: New Episodes in October

Life is hard, watching TV is not. We aim to be a fun escape for viewers. So come treasure hunting with us!

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The ultimate Treasure Hunt has veteran buyers squaring off against wide-eyed apprentices, each seeing unwanted items as opportunities for financial freedom. The stakes keep get higher, while the personalities become more outrageous. That's why Storage Wars keeps viewers coming back for more!

Storage Wars Returning

For Storage Wars to return after 2 years away is amazing!  Not just for fans, but for the Storage Wars Crew.  We consider ourselves to be a family and get together whenever we can outside of the show.  And while people may have come and gone over the years, you will rarely meet a person who didn’t love working on this show.  And a huge part of that is because of the team.  When you love what you do, it shows in the work.