Deadliest Catch: The Viking Returns

Deadliest Catch: The Viking Returns Discovery

The series follow Sig Hansen's FV Northwestern as he and his daughter (and co-captain) Mandy return to their ancestral home in Norway with ambitions of building a fishing empire greater than their forefathers could ever have imagined.

Miles from Alaska
Legacy in the making

Mandy struggles to start her own family, beginning anew in the land of their ancestors becomes an unexpected journey to rediscover their own heritage and cement the legacy they'll pass down to the next generation of fishermen

The legacy continues…

As we continue on with season 18 of Deadliest Catch the stories of our captains are expansive and far reaching. Sig Hansen and his family still have more stories to tell. Situated in the glacial waters of Norway, the crew and talented fishermen strived to honor the legacy of Deadliest Catch while bringing in a fresh new perspective of the Hansens.