World Premiere at Tribeca
Rather World Premiere at Tribeca

This unprecedented documentary will weave the past, present and future of journalism as it delves into the man behind the legend. We’ll revisit Dan Rather’s 60+ year career and the biggest moments in American journalism. With unrestricted access, we’ll offer an unfiltered look at both his esteemed career – exploring where and how he became one of journalism’s resounding force – and his present renaissance as the last beacon of quality reporting, unfettered and in direct contact with Americans through social media.

Influential Career

Dan Rather is one of the most influential journalist in American history. A career that spans over 6 decades; Rather has reported on some of the most pivotal moments including the Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam war, and the Watergate Scandal.

Tribeca Film Festival

We’re thrilled to announce Rather has been selected to have it’s world wide premiere at Tribeca Film Festival this year. Rather is a daring, inspiring and topical feature that we feel aligns with what the festival represents. Our official premiere date is June 9th. Don’t miss a chance to see this documentary at Tribeca.