Home in the Wild

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Jim and and Tori thought their days of professional adventuring were over when their son Wesley was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder, FOXG1. But after learning from doctors that being immersed in nature could have a positive impact on his development, they take Wes and his baby brother on expeditions into the backcountry to see if an off-grid life would be not only possible but beneficial for their family.

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Shot in the wilderness of Canada. Magnetawan was a beautiful backdrop to share the Baird's story. We brought in a small crew to unobtrusively capture the magic, joy and aspiration they create.

Not your average adventure show

Home in the Wild is a whole new frontier for Original Productions. We took what we do best, outdoor, high-stakes, adventure programming…but with a family twist.

Jim and Tori have opened up their lives and let us in, and we take that with immense thoughtfulness and pride. Their family journey is aspirational and we hope to share that joy with the rest of the world.