Deadliest Catch

Discovery | Season 20 premieres 6/11
Deadliest Catch Discovery | Season 20 premieres 6/11

Deadliest Catch is reaching new heights in its 20th season. Not only are the King Crab fisheries finally open after a three-year closure, but for the first time in more than 20 years, the captains are competing in a derby-style race.

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Brutal. Majestic. Raw. Real. Deadliest Catch tells the epic, multi-generational tale of the men and women who ply their trade on the Bering Sea. Relentlessly documented with nearly a thousand cameras and 47 thousand hours of footage, all capturing the ragged poetry of life on the water.

Deadliest Catch 20

We are beyond proud to have been a part of 20 years, 20 seasons, of Deadliest Catch. This show not only helped build what unscripted TV is today, it continues to be a guiding light in innovation in the space. There is not another show that takes viewers into such a perilous journey with men and women who risks their lives everyday. We have set the standard for how a show should look, feel, and bring authenticity into the space. Join us as Deadliest Catch, season 20, premiere on June 11th on the Discovery Channel.