Race to Survive New Zealand

USA | Premieres 5/20
Race to Survive New Zealand USA | Premieres 5/20

USA Network's epic survival competition show is heading to New Zealand for a new season! It's the adventure of a lifetime, if they can survive it! The race returns Monday, May 20th at 11p!

Dollars on the Line

Nine teams of two will navigate the deceptively beautiful New Zealand landscape, tasked not only with sourcing their own food and water, but beating their counterparts in a race to the finish as well," the series' official logline states. The pairs must choose between the fastest route or the safest as they strive to cross the finish line before their competition to avoid being eliminated during each leg of the race. Teams will need to endure physical pain, the unforgiving environment, and one another for the chance to win a $500,000 grand prize.

Season 2 of Race to Survive

This season of Race to Survive is like nothing we’ve ever produced before. We took all of the best things from season 1 and elevated this competition series to the next level. We want to always take our audiences on a journey around the world and we felt like New Zealand had everything to off and more. We’re pushing the limits of what is expected of a competition series. Not only did we create the most challenging race courses in the beautiful environment of New Zealand, but have woven in what makes a person want to compete in such a challenging race. We’re proud to bring this show to life that champions the human spirit.