A Radical Life

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This documentary takes an unfiltered look at extreme radicalization. Centering on Tania Joya, who for twelve years was married to John Georgelas, one of the highest ranking Americans in ISIS.

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Radical LIfe

Told primarily through Tania's first-hand account, this documentary takes an unfiltered look at the life of the one-time "First Lady of ISIS" and her 12-year marriage to John Georgelas, a Texas native who rose the ranks of ISIS. Joya and Georgelas meet online and quickly marry, united by their shared dream of establishing an Islamic State. But when Georgelas relocates the family to Syria at the height of civil war, Tania begins to question everything she believes and must choose between her marriage and her children's future.

Intimate look into a Woman’s Journey

A Radical Life’ is an intimate, compelling look at one woman’s journey into the inner circle of an extremist movement. Tania’s powerful story underscores how feelings of marginalization and disenfranchisement can drive people to violence and extremism. We hope Tania’s journey into and out of extremism – and her commitment to combat it – emphasizes the need for more education and conversation about the forces that radicalize people of all backgrounds and beliefs around the world.