Loan Wolves

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Loan Wolves Peacock | Streaming Now

Blake Zeff travels the country to uncover the effects of student loan debt and investigates who snuck two lines in the 1998 education bill, which made student loans the only debt in America that can never be forgiven or erased through bankruptcy, contributing to the largest student loan debt crisis in history; Zeff uncovers and confronts the unimaginable culprit that set everything in motion through personal stories and humor. The film features interviews with Representative Ayanna Pressley, Senator Dick Durbin and Senator Chuck Schumer.

Million Borrowers
Man Uncovering the Truth

One Man Gets to the Bottom of the $2 Trillion Student Loan Crisis. Blake Zeff, a journalist, has spent years of his life investigating why the student debt crisis is ballooning, yet no one has done anything to stop it.

A must see documentary

This documentary uncovers the explosive truth on how student debt became a crisis. Journalist Blake Zeff stops at nothing to find out who enacted legislation to make student debt the only debt you can’t file bankruptcy on. On his journey to find out the sole person responsible for this, he encounters something much more. Everyday Americans are struggling to stay afloat and the heart of this documentary explores their lives and how one line in legislation forever changed the lives of millions.