Monster Garage

Monster Garage Discovery+

The car show that inspired ALL car shows is back! We’ve poured the same energy and badass garage craftsmanship into a newly immersive and cinematic Monster Garage. Legendary fabricator Jesse James is back at the helm with a new team each week, turning ordinary street vehicles into monster machines.

Monster Builds
Exhausted Builders

We’ve kept what’s best about the old Monster Garage and put it on a pedestal with a more cinematic look, more story coverage of the impressive work being done, and more ambitious builds (which = more ambitious stories). Most importantly, Monster Garage continues to celebrate the craftsmanship and genius that mechanics, fabricators and other craftsmen-and-women contribute to our lives every day.

Discovery+ Launches with OP’s Monster Garage

Discovery launched their new streaming platform D+ with the brand-new season of Monster Garage, after a fourteen-year hiatus. We were thrilled we had the chance to bring new life into this genre-creating classic on the streaming platform— where we could be more bold with our creative vision, push the style and editing envelope and take risks. And with a partner like D+, anything was possible.