Deadliest Catch: Bloodline

Discovery: New Episodes Tuesday
Deadliest Catch: Bloodline Discovery: New Episodes Tuesday

While pulsing with the same high octane and soulful DNA of Deadliest Catch, Bloodline is a multigenerational tale about legacy and the meaning of life. It documents a son in hot pursuit of his late father’s dream with the aim of not only living up to the family name, but building on it. It is about honoring the past and finding the meaning of life in this twist on a coming of age story.

Miles from home

Deadliest Catch Bloodline’s unique format uses sit down interviews and the absence of voice over to get into the heads of our characters. While less of an ensemble than the main series, it’s power and scope is sourced in a singular hero’s journey on his almost Tolkien like adventures in a new fishery on the island chain of Hawaii.

Season 3

With Covid-19 shattering local fish markets in Hawaii and around the world, captains Josh Harris and Casey McManus were forced to adapt. While catching fish was a challenge for the cast, enduring a television production schedule during the time of Covid was a monumental hurdle for our production team. Only with the support of the complete Original Productions and Fremantle team, the discovery channel, and our amazing crew and supportive cast were we able to tell a tale of perseverance despite the Covid-19 pandemic.